Buyer's Guide

Buying Guide: Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Water Bottle Filling Stations

You should pay attention to the following factors when choosing the right water bottle filling stations for your School.

Reason to purchase the Tap Hydrator: Safety

Rule #1: If you have to use your hands or mouth to get a drink – don’t use it! Communal water fountains and water coolers are major centers for germ transmission because people touch the surfaces with their hands and mouths. It is crucial that people remove these old, communal water fountains and replace them with a Hands and Mouth Free Water Bottle Fillers. The Tap Hydrator is 100% Hands and Mouth Free. This will keep you safe from harmful germs and bacteria.

Reason to purchase the Tap Hydrator: Advanced Filtration

Water quality is a major concern when drinking water from public spaces. Make sure your Water Bottle Filler has a certified water filter. The Tap Hydrator comes equipped with an advanced Ultra Filter that purifies better and lasts longer than communal water fountains.

Reason to purchase the Tap Hydrator: Features

While there are several hydration products on the market today, it is important to choose a water bottle filler that has the features you care most about. The Tap Hydrator is the most modern brand that prioritizes new technologies and water quality safety. It also has a green ticker that lets users know how many plastic water bottles they’ve saved from landfills.

Reason to purchase the Tap Hydrator: Innovative Design

The Tap Hydrator has by far the most modern, innovative design. It is small and sleek which means it takes up less space and can fit into smaller spaces. It also has a corner-free, child-safe design that is safe for children in every environment.

Advantages Of A Bottle Filling Stations

A bottle filling stations will make a practical addition to your school . And here are the top 4 benefits of having one.


Using bottle filling stations is an eco-friendly way of reducing plastic waste (one of the biggest threats to our planet) since you and other users will be using reusable bottles.

Saves money

Refilling and Reusing a water bottle instead of buying bottled water will save you a ton of money and at the same time help the environment!

Quick and Easy

Water bottle filling stations are quick and easy to install.

Healthy Choice

Water fountains breed lots of bacteria, while water bottle filling stations are cleaner options for reducing water-borne diseases. Water bottle filling stations also come with high-performance filters to reduce contaminants, minerals, and chemicals.